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What Is the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation?

The WKACF was organized under the direction of the Wabasha Port Authority, and the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation under the Leadership of former congressman, Tim Penny.  Once we were organized, we became an organization independent of the Port Authority.  

The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation was organized to provide a perpetual supply of funds to improve our Communities now and into the future.  The Foundation also creates a place for people, organizations, and businesses to contribute tax free, while investing in the future of their communities and have a lasting impact for generations to come.  The Foundation is committed to working with other organizations to enhance their projects as well.  

Visons and workings of the Wabasha-Kellogg Foundation?

Our current board members have been working diligently to make our foundation viable and beneficial for our area.  The board members are, Bill Davidson, Carol Scott, William Hager, Rick Vaplon, Dave Ochsner, Russ Meyer, Dr. Danielle Ott, MJ Bussian and Dr. Bob Mann.

Our vision is to grow our funds. These funds are invested by our parent company, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.  SMIF takes care of our money, accounting, investing and tax preparation at little or no cost to us, which allows us to give over 98% of the money donated to this organization, back to our communities, which is our ultimate goal.

We have several funds, but our primary goal is to grow our Endowment Fund, which can be looked at as a savings account for the future of our communities. We do this by raising money, every year, through your gifts and donations.  We propose to use a percentage of our Endowment Fund balance every year and contribute back to any of our community’s needs.  This allows us to grow the endowment fund and be flexible enough to help the Wabasha-Kellogg Area with whatever is needed at that time.  Our communities are ever changing and this flexibility is very important to our future.


Long range goals

Our long range goal would to raise $1,000,000 in our Endowment fund, which would allow us to spend $40,000 to $50,000 per year to help our communities.  We feel this would help to maintain or improve the quality of life for our children and many generations to come.

10 year goals

Our ten-year goal (by 2026) is to raise $500,000 for our Endowment Fund. If we do this we would be able to contribute 20 to 30 thousand dollars annually for whatever our communities may need.  We need your help. We are looking for 10 year commitments. If you could donate $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, to our Endowment Fund; we would be ever so grateful. You would be helping out a great cause. That would preserve, maintain and improve our communities for future generations to come.


What have we done since our inception?  We have contributed to helping set up the “Packing For The Weekend” program for children in need.  We partnered with our local combined drive to create a successful fund raiser for numerous local organizations.  We have joined efforts with our local youth ski team to help them meet their equipment needs and grow their program.  We collaborated with Wabasha Industries to help recruit healthcare professionals, and we have worked with a local group to provide free pool passes to all the youth in our community. We worked with the Nelson Lions Club to include the Nelson Youth in our Free Pool Pass Program.  We as an organization, have agreed to work with the City of Kellogg to help improve and maintain their downtown park.   We have worked with other local organizations to help them receive donations, tax free, to benefit our community and enhance their donor’s efforts.  We have recently awarded a grant to the Wabasha County Historical Society to help continue their restoration of the Reads Landing Museum and to support their civil war reenactment event at Malone Park.

This is the beginning of a great relationship between the Foundation and our communities and their needs.  This foundation was created to be “Your” foundation and is not confined to only supporting one project or entity in our community. As I said earlier, it was organized with the flexibility to help with whatever the communities may need each year.



 "I have owned a business in this community for 40 years.  The Wabasha-Kellogg area has supported my family, myself and my business.  My boys were raised here by my wife, Linda, and I, with the support of the entire community.  I can’t thank the communities enough for the quality of life and the people and the benefits of this area.  I would like to think our children and grandchildren, for many generations to come, would be able to enjoy the same support and quality of life that we have.  That is the main reason I am writing and helping to get this organization up and running at full speed.  That is why I have donated to this organization and made the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation part of my estate planning and have included them in my will.  I hope you will help me invest in the future of our communities and see that we can all have a lasting impact on this place we call home." - Doctor Bob Mann

How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help this cause.  You can contribute financially, or with your time, or by spreading the word that we exist, who we are and what we hope to accomplish.  You can use your donation to honor, or in memory, of someone.   Another option for contributing is through what we call planned giving.  This process allows you to donate valuables, land, insurance moneys, estates, wills, and many different trusts as an investment in the future of our communities and save yourself tax dollars.  Our organization can help you with this, or you can ask your financial advisor or tax preparer.  We are also working with these local professionals, so we together can realize all the benefits tax wise, plus the fantastic feeling that you get when you contribute to the future of your communities.

We have been honored with the community’s generosity to this point and we hope to demonstrate the resolve we have, as the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, to continue to benefit our communities now and into the very distant future.   We provide a great way for you to leave your legacy.

What Are The Advantages of Donating?

Gifts to the WKACF are an investment in the future of the community, and because of our non-profit status, they offer tax advantages to the giver.

Download current WKACF Brochure

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Board Members


SMIF Counsultant: Alissa Oeltjenburns
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
525 Florence Ave./ Po Box 695
Owatonna, MN 55060


The Founders Club

To successfully meet this challenge, The Founders Club had been established as a one-time opportunity for all potential donors to help get the Foundation off to a strong start in its initial fundraising campaign.

Individuals, families, businesses, clubs and organizations gave or pledged to the foundation a minimum contribution of $1,000 in 2014.

We are proud to list our Founders club Members and thank them for their vision and their generous support.


Founder Club Members Include:

Dr Joe & Val McGrath
John & Mary Ochsner
Dr Scott & Emily Durand
Peter & Kathy Ekstrand
Jerry & Mary Arens
David & Mary Ochsner
Michael & Jane Trok
Wabasha  Dentistry
Mark Jorgensen
Bill & Gloria Hager
Al & Anne Koenig
Bill & Cheryl Davidson
Dr Bob & Linda Mann
Gary & Anita Stumph
Rollin Hall
Carol & Steve Scott
Jay & Bree Jewson
Fred & Dianne Schjolberg
Bruce and Carolyn Adams
Don and Carolynn Klees
Dr Jessin Scoug
Rolf Thompson & CJ Jacobson
Tom & Carol Bouquet
Jim & Claire Abbot
Don & Mary Jacoby
Jim & Jan Bouquet
Peter & Carolyn Ochsner
Dave and Marta Fisk
Michele McCaughtry For her Parents Robert & Rebecca McCaughtry
John Bossard Charitable Trust
Tom and Marilyn Crowley
Marilyn and Gerald Duellman
Randy Durgin
John and Sue Hampe
Bill and LaDonna Jewson
Blaine Marcou
Ed and Luci Passe
Tim and Karen Scanlon
Thomas and Cathie Stordahl
Martin and Gretchen Wilson
Roger and Jan Wise

Founder’s Club Members are more than donors; they are investors who are committed to a true return on investment for Wabasha, Kellogg and the area at large. The Founder’s Club serves as the backbone of WKACF work. Through immediate and sustained support, these thought-leaders, decision-makers, and community activists are helping us to ensure that we will have a strong community foundation