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What is the WKACF? (DECEMBER 24, 2015)

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, established in 2014, is a non-profit fund that serves the communities of Wabasha, Kellogg, Reads Landing and surrounding areas by supporting programs and projects that improve the quality of life and develops stronger communities.

The Foundation offers an opportunity to strengthen the present, honor our history and make our future more successful through grant making that builds on community assets and addresses local needs. WKACF collaborates with local and national organizations to benefit our communities.


Officers elected for the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (November 2015)


From left to right, Bill Davidson, Carol Scott, Dave Ochsner, Bill Hager, Dr. Bob Mann, Rick Vaplon Not present, Al Koenig

Officers for 2015-16were recently elected from the board of directors for WKACF. Elected president is Dr. Bob Mann, vice president—Bill Davidson, Secretary—Carol Scott, Treasurer—Rick Vaplon. The rest of the board consists of Bill Hager, Al Koenig and David Ochsner. They have been busy during their first few years of operation, in raising funds and collaborating with several different local groups to improve our communities. They take pride in the fact that they are the one foundation that can contribute to all needs in our communities. So as you think about your end of the year charitable contributions, please remember the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation. If you would like to discuss this or have any questions about the foundation, you can call Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.


WKACF Collaborates with Coffee Mill Ski Team (November 2015)


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation has developed a relationship with the Coffee Mill Ski Race Team. This will allow the team to receive donations, as well as equipment and supplies, as a tax deductible gift for the donor.

The Coffee Mill Ski Race Team is a member of the Midwest Snow Sports Develop-ment League, made up of numerous Ski hills in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Develop-ment team coaches are Craig Van Oort, Dave McLeod, and Gene Schlosser. Their mission is to take skiers from their current level and develop them, within their ability, to be better skiers.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation continues to be an asset to the community in providing funds for the needs in the area as well as assisting other commu-nity groups to be able to accomplish their goals. If you would like to know more about WKACF or contribute, please call Bob Mann, 651-564-1133 or you can email us at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com.


WKACF donates to the Wabasha Pool Pass Project (November 2015)


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation Board members shown donating a $500 check to the Wabasha Pool Pass Representa-tive John Ochsner. From left to right, Rick Vaplon, Carol Scott, Bill Hager, Bob Mann, John Ochsner, Bill Davidson and Dave Ochsner.

Over the last few years, participation at the Wabasha City swimming pool has been declining. The pool itself has been well maintained, and the support staff (life guards) remain friendly and efficient. A few concerned citizens, including Jim Concidine, Kathryn McMahon and John Ochsner, have looked into the situ-ation and did research as to why. Questions were asked of local youth and a field trip was made to Plainview. which has an up-to-date and popular swimming pool.

Conclusions were not necessarily concrete, but some observations were obvious. First on the list was our lack of up-to-date amenities, such as slides, basketball hoops, and a climbing board. A more difficult question relates to the cost of a seasonal pool passes. Currently a family pass is $100, and a individual pass is $50. This cost to a family may be a problem.

Meetings were held with City Officials with numerous questions put forward. The exciting news is that the City is moving ahead to purchase upgrade amenities for the next season. The City also agreed to allow free passes for all W-K area children thru 8th grade for 2016. This is on condition that we raise $7000 thru donations for this purpose.

Therefore, we are soliciting donations (tax deductible) to the Wabasha - Kellogg Area Community Foundation, earmarked “pool passes”. We think that the combination of pool upgrades and free swimming passes will rekindle enthusiasm for the pool. This might stimulate more adult participation.

It is hoped that this project along with the WACRC (Common Closet) program will be a success, and continue to support youth swimming beyond 2016. It is anticipated that next summer should be exciting and healthy for W-K youth.

Send checks to Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation Post Office Box 268 Wabasha, MN. 55981 (earmark “pool passes”). If you have any questions you may call Bob Mann at 651-564-1133 or
e-mail at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com.


WKACF President attends MN Council of Foundations Meeting (October2015)

Dr. Bob Mann, President of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation board recently attended a 2 day training session sponsored by the MN Council of Foundations. These meetings, held in St. Paul, were open to all MN Foundations, big and small, for training and networking opportunities.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation Is just over a year old. The foundation was formed to provide assets for community needs and create investment opportunities for the future needs of our area as well. If you would like to invest in the future of the Wabasha and Kellogg areas, either through donations, wills, estate planning, legacy gifts or land donations, or would just like more information, you can contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133 or email the foundation at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com



The Foundation Board is actively raising funds to build our endowment large enough to annually contribute to the future needs of our communities and still have funds left that will continue to grow indefinitely. We want to thank all of you who have contributed to our successful start, especially our Founders Club Members.

WKACF has already started serving our communities in several areas. We have contributed and received matching funds, working with the United Way, and WK Schools for the successful “Packing For The Weekend” food program. We partnered with Combined Drive to further their success. Recently, we’ve joined efforts with the Local Youth Ski Club to help them become better equipped and grow their program. We are in the process of collaborating with Wabasha Industries in their physician recruitment effort. The board has also worked with the Community Event Center Board as they needed our assistance.

The board would like to answer a couple of questions we have received recently

#1. No money that is, or was, contributed to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF) has gone to the Community Event Center unless it was specifically designated for that cause.

#2. All money contributed to the WKACF will be used for the benefit of our communities and not for fundraising or administrative costs. Several sponsors have been generous enough to allow us to accomplish this.

We have had a good start and want you to feel confident and excited about contributing to a foundation for the benefit of our communities. So keep us in mind when you make plans for your charitable giving, including estate, wills, and end of the year tax planning. If you would like to contribute to Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation or have any questions, call Dr. Bob Mann (651-564-1133) or send them to WKACF, PO Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981.


Letter to the editor (Febuary 2015)

As president of the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, I would like to thank the group that worked so hard and donates so much of their time to put together the Combined Drive. They were able to raise over $15,000 to benefit many organizations in our community. I am very proud to have them as one of the sub funds to the WKACF. Hats off to the combined drive organization.

Dr. Bob Mann President WKACF



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