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Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation board members present a check to city representative, Tony Johnson to continue the tree replacement program.  Standing next to the Ash tree that will be coming down, are Bill Davidson, Tony Johnson, Bob Mann, William Hager and Jim Abbott.



The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF) has awarded $1500 to the City Park Department to continue the Tree Replacement Program.  We have all seen the numerous trees that are dying and being taken down around town.  WKACF is partnering with the city to replace a number of these trees.  Last year a tree garden was started, and the trees planted there have now been moved to replace some that have come down.  Next Spring, 40 new trees will be ordered and placed in the tree garden or planted where needed.  WKACF feels this program fits well with their mission of keeping our community a great place to live, work and play.  If you could like to contribute to this project, send your donation to WKACF at P.O. Box 268, Wabasha MN  55981 and designate it for the tree garden



Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation awards check to St. Felix Representatives for the improvement of the Sound System in their gym.


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation awarded $2500 to improve the sound system in the St. Felix gym.  This space is used for many community events and it can be difficult to understand announcements and presentations.  Many community events take place in the Gym, including National Eagle Center (Soar with the Eagles), St. Felix Christmas Play, Wabasha Public Library, events, weddings, St. Elizabeth Hospital Bazaar, Grumpy Old Men Bingo and many other fund raisers and events.  The community would greatly benefit from these sound upgrades.  Installation of the new sound improvement system is scheduled to start within the month. WKACF feels this program fits well with their mission of keeping our community a great place to live, work and play.   If you would like to support this project, contributions can be sent to WKACF P.O. Box 268, Wabasha MN  55981 and mark it for St. Felix Sound System.


Wabasha Kellogg Community Members,

During this time of Thanksgiving, as the President of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, I wish to thank the people of our Communities.  You have been very supportive of the Foundation. In the last year, your generosity has allowed us to hand out $40,000 in checks to a variety of community projects and service organizations.  Things like: Free pool pass and transportation for all area youth, splash pad, youth ski team, community tree replacement garden, Kellogg and Wabasha playgrounds and parks, Elder Network, Great River Homes, D.A.C., St. Elizabeth Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Public Health, County Historical Society, Senior Dining, Substance Abuse, Youth Mentorship, a community sound system, Mental Health, Reads Landing Museum and cancer awareness. 
Without your help, this aid and assistance to these important community organizations would not have happened.  Thank you, again, for your support and confidence in the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF), allowing us to accomplish the mission of keeping our Communities a great place to live work and play.  If you would like to learn more or contribute to the WKACF, go to our website wkacf.org or our Facebook page.  You can send a check to P.O. Box 268 Wabasha, MN 55981, or call me at 651-564-1133.

Bob Mann,
President Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation


As President of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community foundation, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your contributions during our annual endowment Fund drive.  I would also like to recognize the Winona National Bank Financial of Wabasha and Kellogg for partnering with the Foundation to match contributions.  This allows our donors to increase their impact on our Community.  The Endowment Fund is the community savings account that the Foundation uses to annually award grants and helps to keep our communities to be a great place to live, work and play.
There is still matching money available, if you would like to contribute $100 or more to the Foundation.  Your donations can be sent to Wabasha Kellogg Area community Foundation, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha Minnesota 55981.  If you would like to receive more information about the foundation, you can call me at 651-564-1133 or go to our website, wkacf.org.

Thank you again for your generosity which demonstrates what a great community we have.

Bob Mann, President   Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation



Dear Reader,

Do you have a will?  Do you know what will happen to your assets, your children, your home, your retirement fund, when you are gone?  Do your children or relatives know who gets what family treasures?  Is your children’s inheritance protected from creditors, lawsuits, ex-spouses or their new spouse?  Are you aware of estate taxes and the new laws affecting your will?

If you are not sure and would like some answers, come to the Wabasha Kellogg Community Education Class sponsored by Wabasha Kellogg area Community Foundation on Wednesday October 9th, 7 PM at the WK High School.  Local Attorney, Mark Jarstad, will teach the class and answer your individual questions. You can register by calling WK Community Education 651-565-3559, Ext. 258.

Hope to see you there.

Bob Mann, President Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.



John Ochsner, committee member and Bob Mann, President of the Wabasha  Kellogg Area Community Foundation present a check to city representatives, Tony Johnson and City administrator, Chad Springer for the Free Pool Pass Program.


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation has worked with city officials to continue to offer the Free Pool Pass Program for all area youth.  This successful program has tremendously increased the use of the pool.  With the city adding the splash pad, the pool popularity with our youth will continue to increase.  It has become a great place for our children to spend their summers.  Next summer will be the 4th year of this wonderful program.  Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank the community for their generosity and the City for their cooperation allowing this program to continue.  This Free Pass Program for all area youth is a demonstration of the Foundation’s mission statement, helping keep our communities a great place to live, work and play.



Donkey Ball


New Board Picture on Home Page


"The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank all who participated in, contributed to, sponsored and attended the Donkey Baseball Game.  It was a great time, a lot of laughs and totally enjoyable.  This event would never been possible without the leadership and hard work of Bill Hager and Russ Meyer.  Their efforts and support made the donkey ball game a complete success.  The Foundation would like to thank them, along with the City of Wabasha, Chamber of Commerce and the Riverboat Days committee for their contributions.
The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation serves the greater Wabasha-Kellogg area by connecting people with charitable intent to our communities, keeping them a great place to live, work and play."

-Bob Mann, President
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation



The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank all of you that have turned in your local giving form and contribution.  Your gift helps our local service organizations assist our friends and neighbors, making our communities a great place to live, work and play.  If you have not turned in your Local Giving Form yet, please take a moment to fill it out and send it in.  You may also drop your form and contribution off, in a designated drop box at our Local Banks.  If you need a Local Giving Form, these are also available at the banks or you can request one on the Foundations website or by calling 651-564-1133. Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation thanks you for your generosity and helping to keep our communities a great place to live, work and play.

Bob Mann, President
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation


Representatives of the local service organizations that are participating on the Local Giving Campaign this year.


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is sponsoring Local Giving again this year.  This campaign provides funds for several service organizations that provide benefits and services for our friends and neighbors.  In the last several weeks this newspaper printed testimonials about how your previous contributions made an impact to local individuals and families.  100% of the money donated goes right to these service organizations.  This supports the Foundation’s mission statement of serving the greater Wabasha Kellogg Area by connecting people with charitable intent to our communities, keeping them a great place to live, work and play.  You will be receiving a donation form in the mail this week.  Please take a moment to send in your contribution to support your community.  Every dollar counts and all of us appreciate and thank you for your support.

Donations can be made with your mailed donation form or online at our website, wkacf.org or on our Facebook Page and tap on the link.

Testimonials for Local Giving (2019):


Great River Homes

Great River Homes, Inc. is a private 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing support services to individuals with disabilities throughout Wabasha County.  We greatly appreciate all the support and donations received by the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  We want to share with you a few of the direct impacts those donations had on the lives of some of our community members.  

Shortly after this person started services with Great River Homes, Inc. a trusting relationship between this person and those providing supports to him evolved.  Because of the newly found trust he had in those who provided quality supports to him, he agreed to a dental consultation from a local dentist to address his dental concerns. After his first consultation, regular visits were recommended.  Within his first few dental visits a treatment plan was designed to meet his needs. When this treatment plan was presented to Medical Assistance (MA) for payment, MA declined to pay for the treatment plan. Knowing the future detriment of not treating the dental concerns treatment was being sought for Great River Homes, Inc. realized not getting treatment was not an option.  Donations received by the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation helped to pay for this person's dental treatments. He has developed a positive trusting relationship with his local dentist and continues to have regular dental checkups which have improved tremendously! 

Neighborhood Night Out was all the rage for two of the Great River Homes, Inc.  24 hour supported living homes in Wabasha.  Several individuals who live in a Great River Homes, Inc. supported living home got together and planned two Neighborhood Night Out gatherings.  These gatherings were paid for using funds from the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  The individuals whom hosted these community celebrations were able to plan and pay for all the needed materials required to make them a success.  The people hosting the gatherings were over joyed by the turnout, feeling of support and coming togetherness their events brought.  The eight people who receive support services where the gatherings took place are looking forward to hosting more events like this in the near future and are enthralled by the true friendships that have grown out of the interactions held during their "party". 




The Wabasha County Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) was extremly grateful for the donation that we received from the Wabasha Kellog Area Community Foundation’s 2018 Giving Day.  We were able to use the money from last years Giving Day to purchase a brand new floor scrubber.  The floor scrubber is used by individuals served at the DAC to clean the floor at the DAC and at a contracted job in the Mittle Schule building where the DAC is located.  The floor scrubber is an essential tool our individuals use to help them on the job and ultimatly use to help them earn a pay check.  Ben, an individual served by the DAC, says he’s proud of the work he does and of the pay checks he earns from being employed by the Wabasha DAC. Ben, and others served by the DAC, use money earned from thier jobs at the DAC to pay rent, by groceries and go out to events in the Wabasha area.

WE BELIEVE… in individualized programming based on the strengths, needs and interests of each person. We strive to provide training, assistance and supervision needed for people who are mentally and physically challenged to reach and maintain their highest possible level of skills, productivity, independence and inclusion into their community.


Hope Coalition (Domestic Abuse)

Examples of how the money from the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation’s Local Giving Program was used by Hope Coalition in 2018

  • A Dick’s Fresh Market gift card provided toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and dish soap to a family who had no way to purchase those items after paying their monthly bills.  They were Food Support recipients who had their food needs met through that program.  Their bills were covered by their cash assistance grant; however they did not have enough left over each month for these other basic hygiene needs. 
  • A Kwik Trip gift card provided transportation to a woman who had been waiting for YEARS for her hearing with Social Security.  When the day came, she did not have the funds available to travel to the meeting, and so we were able to meet that need for her.
  • Hiawathaland Transit bus tokens have provided local clients with rides to the food shelf, the pharmacy, the clinic, work, the school, and many other of their daily needs.  These people are without any other form of transportation, and so the tokens save them a lengthy walk in temperatures that (until recently) were dangerous to walk in.
  • A Common Closet gift certificate provided a pair of work boots to a client who was starting a new job.
  • Another Kwik Trip gift card allowed a family who had fled violence in their home to transport their children back to WK for school so that their friendships and routines were not affected by the violence.


Wabasha County Historical Society

The Wabasha County Historical Society is grateful to be included in the Give Local event.  The past two year's participation has been very beneficial for the WCHS.  The first year, donations received enabled the WCHS Reads Landing School Museum to install a water heater.  There had never been a water heater in the 1870 Reads Landing School Building.  Last year, the donations received were applied to replacing and repairing the dysfunctional HVAC system.  The HVAC system continues to be a crucial, financial priority in preserving this Community treasure which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The dedicated, all volunteer staff, operates and maintains the Museum, hosts educational events and works throughout the year responding to requests for historical research, genealogy and student projects and visits.

The Wabasha County Historical Society is financed by a stipend from Wabasha County, memberships and donations.  The donations received insure that WCHS can carry out it's mission:  To collect, preserve and interpret materials relating to the natural and cultural history of Wabasha County and it's people.


St Elizabeth Hospital

2018 testimonial:

“Part of my role as a primary care provider is to offer resources and tools that will help my patients develop healthy habits that last a lifetime,” says Dennis Spano, MD, family medicine specialist with Saint Elizabeth’s Community Clinic. “By offering farmers’ market vouchers, supported by the Wabasha Kellogg Community Foundation and its Local Giving Campaign, to families and children in need we are able to elevate a financial barrier and extend an invitation to visit Wabasha’s Farmers Market and purchase fresh produce that can be incorporated into their diets. Hopefully, this becomes a healthful routine that positively impacts families in our community.”

2019 emphasis: Responding our priority health needs

Thanks to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center will be a recipient organization of the third annual Local Giving Campaign that kicks off in May. This year, funds designated to Saint Elizabeth’s will support the two priority health needs identified during our Community Health Needs Assessment process.

MENTAL HEALTH: In collaboration with community partners, Saint Elizabeth’s will offer suicide prevention training, mental health peer support, and improve access to crisis intervention services with a goal of improving the mental health of our community members.

SENIOR HEALTH: The growing prevalence of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, among our aging population is prompting Saint Elizabeth’s to collaborate with our partners to provide training, support, and other resources that build a foundation for dementia friendly communities.

Saint Elizabeth’s is thrilled to be a participating organization in the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation LOCAL GIVING CAMPAIGN. By donating to Saint Elizabeth’s, your support will help us continue our efforts to continually improve the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve.


Wabasha Kellogg Back Pack Program

Providing weekend food to our children in need

The backpack program of Wabasha-Kellogg is extremely thankful for the money provided by the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation. Two short incidents that emphasize this program’s ongoing effectiveness, illustrate the gratitude.  The first was when a delivery was being made to a family and a boy of 6 to 7 years old came running out for the food.  He took it from the delivery person and was told “that’s too heavy for you”. He responded, “no I can handle it”.  Then as he ran into the house with the heavy load searching through the food he shouted “mom, mom we got some graham crackers to eat!  To some people that may not be a luxury, but to this family it was.  The second example comes from the people who deliver the food.  Who on their first delivery, often comment they were unaware of the need for this program in our area.  After seeing these children responding to the food delivery in their home, they quickly become advocates.


Elder Network

  • "Elder Network services help me to stay at home, right where I want to be.  Thank you."   
  • "I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from Elder Network Services."
  • "Elder Network was there for my dad when I couldn't be.  It was such a relief to know that there was someone from Elder Network we could count on.  I say a prayer of thanks for Elder Network every night."
  • “Attending the Elder Network’s Powerful Tools for Caregivers gave me wonderful support and information to better care for myself while caring for others.”
  • “Elder Network was there for Delta and me. An Elder Network respite volunteer stayed with her.  My wife just loved her, and it gave me time to exercise and get things done.   I always felt like they really cared about Delta, and it meant a lot to me.”  
  • “By giving us a break when we needed it, Elder Network helped my family better enjoy the time we had together with my mom.”



The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is gearing up for their Local Giving Promotion.  This is a program to make our communities a better, stronger and a great place to live…one dollar at a time.  We do this by raising money for our Local Service Organizations who help our friends and neighbors.  In the last 2 years the community support has been great, and we have raised $40,000 to support these needed programs.  Over the next few weeks we will spotlight how our friends and neighbors have benefited from the funds you have provided to these service organizations.  Look for your Local Giving Donation form in the mail, at the end of May.  Thank all of you for your generosity and community spirit