Tax Deductible Ways to Donate

(Through Our Parent Orgnization: SMIF )

Outright Donations include:

Cash Gifts
Real Estate

Deferred Gifts Include:

Life Insurance
Trusts with Charitable Provisions

Watch the 2017 Will, Estate, and Trust Video

Special Purpose Gifts Include:

Memorials Honoring Deceased Loved Ones
Gifts to Honor Living Persons
Gifts to Commemorate Special Occasions


Charitable gifts are one of the most important and fulfilling ways you can help shape the world around you. Within the WKACF, charitable gifts go to one of two main funds, the Program Fund or the Endowment Fund.

The Program Fund allows the Foundation to support a predictable level of recurring programming from year to year. This fund is used to underwrite the Programs of Service to our commnities of the WKACF.

The Endowment Fund helps ensure the future of the Foundation and secures its ability to support the WKACF programs/projects into the future. The Endowment Fund can be thought of as the Savings account for the future of our Communities.This fund’s principal is permanently invested and only interest and dividend earnings from the fund are used to support the programs/projects. This can be thought as the savings account of the Wabasha-Kellogg area.

The Program Fund and the Endowment Fund are equally deserving of support; indeed, they complement one another. The Program Fund supports the Foundation’s programs today and the Endowment Fund is used to secure those programs for tomorrow.

We appreciate any doation to the WKACF,  directly or to any of their funds.  You can use the link below or you can  send your donation to:   Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation,   P.O. Box 268,   Wabasha,   MN,   55981.    If you have any questions, contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.