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The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is gearing up for their Local Giving Promotion.  This is a program to make our communities a better, stronger and a great place to live…one dollar at a time.  We do this by raising money for our Local Service Organizations who help our friends and neighbors.  In the last 2 years the community support has been great, and we have raised $40,000 to support these needed programs.  Over the next few weeks we will spotlight how our friends and neighbors have benefited from the funds you have provided to these service organizations.  Look for your Local Giving Donation form in the mail, at the end of May.  Thank all of you for your generosity and community spirit





Have you ever considered an estate gift or a charitable contribution in your will?  A charitable bequest provides an opportunity to give something back to your community, helping WKACF programs and services long into the future.  Your gift can be your legacy and have a major impact on your community.  There are several ways to do this; A simple bequest, a beneficiary designation or for more elaborate possibilities, you can use trusts.  These can be written to take great care of your family and increase the value of your estate to use for charitable purposes.  As you can see, there are many ways to leave your legacy and have a major impact on your community. We hope you contribute in this way to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  You can ask your financial advisor or for more information contact info@wkacf.org.


This a grant that the WKCAF gave to Sons of the American Legion
for the Fourth of July Fireworks.


Pictured above is a Grant WKACF gave to Reads Landing Museum.
This photo shows the board of the Wabasha County Historical Society and representing WKACF Carol Scot and Doctor Mann.


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation

Have you seen the new Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation Brochure? It contains an abundance of information about the numerous accomplishments of the Foundation.  Our generous supporters have had a very positive impact in keeping our communities a great place to live, work and play.   WKACF is having their annual Fund Drive to raise money for their Endowment Fund.  This Fund provides a stable source of grant funding.  It is structured to grow while providing grants for our Community, now and into the future.  Unlike contributions to meet an immediate need, an endowment produces many times its original value as the years go by.  It becomes an investment and savings account for the community.  If you would like to invest in our great community, you may send your contribution to WKACF, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981 or go online at wkacf.org.



Above is a photo of the Board of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  These are the hard-working volunteer members that ensure 100 percent of your donations are being used to benefit the Wabasha Kellogg area, keeping our communities a great place to live, work and play.
From left to right; Julie Leichtnam, Bill Davidson, Carol Scott, Russ Meyer, Dr. Danielle Ott, William Hager, Rick Vaplon and Dr. Bob Mann


Pictured above is the Service Organization Representatives from the Local Giving Day fundraiser.WKACF handed out the donations, during the WKACF Ice Cream Social.



Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank all their supporters by inviting everyone to our Ice Cream Social, Thursday, August 16th, from 6:30 to 8:30PM. Come enjoy Free Ice Cream, good music, good friends and an ice cream eating contest!  This is all happening at Heritage Park, under the bridge.  At this event the Foundation will be presenting checks to our Local Service Organizations, thanks to your generosity in our Local Giving Days. We appreciate your community support and the willingness to help our friends and neighbors.  WKACF exists to support our Communities needs, whatever they may be. Together, we can make a major impact on our communities.

Thank you,
Bob Mann


Letter to the Editor,

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank our local communities for their support of our Local Giving Program.  Our goal was to Raise $25,000 for our local service organizations to support our friends and neighbors.  These service organizations depend on our support to be able to fund the numerous programs they provide for our community members.  At this time, we have not reached our goal, but are still accepting donations.  Most of you have received donation forms in the mail and we would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to send in your generous support.  For those of you who may have lost your form or would like a new one, our local banks have extra forms and drop off boxes for the completed forms.  You could also get a form online at wkacf.org and click on the Give Local tab or you can call 651-564-1133 for any questions you may have.

Let us all chip in to help our friends and neighbors and continue to make the Wabasha Kellogg and surrounding areas a great place to live, work and play.
Thank you,

Bob Mann




So, if you have not contributed yet, please think about helping your friends and neighbors and support these programs that provide our communities needed services.

What is it: A drive to help support the community through local organizations.
How it works: Pick the organizations you wish to contribute to (can be only one, a couple or ALL!).
Each organization receives 100% of your contribution
Where to donate: You can donate online at wkacf.org, through our Facebook page or by completing
a donation form you received in the Mail or pick one up at our local banks

Backpack for the Weekend
Elder Network
Great River Homes
Reads Landing Schoolhouse Museum
Public Health Special Needs
Semcac Senior Dining 
Meals on Wheels 
Wabasha County DAC
Hope Coalition (Domestic Abuse)
 Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation


Mail to: WKACF.ORG,  PO Box 268,  Wabasha, MN 55981


Photo of the leaders of the Service Organizations that are participating in the Local Giving Day.   Top row from left to right,  Pastor Dave Knox– Back Pack Program,  Margaret Peterson – Reads Landing Museum,  Bill Davidson-WKACF Board member,  Dr. Bob Mann-president WKACF,  Mike Weinandt – Great River Homes.   2nd row, Liesl Knox-Semcac Senior Dining,  Randi Callahan- Meals on Wheels,  Emma Onawa-Domestic Abuse,  Tammy Fiedler- Public Health,  Jenny Schlagenhaft- St. Elizabeth Hospital,  Carol Scott – WKAC Board member,  Laurie Mareel- Elder Network,   Steve Kohls-DAC

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is kicking off their 2nd annual Local Giving Day on May 22nd, 2018.  WKACF knows the importance of raising funds for our local service organizations.  Won’t you please help us support the following service organizations.  You can contribute several different ways.  It can be done online at wkacf.org or on our Facebook page.  You should soon receive a mailing, with the information and donation form, which can be placed in a drop off box at any of our local Banks, or mail it to:  WKACF Local Giving Day, Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981.  Please take a moment to support the foundation in helping these service organizations and our community.

Packing for the Weekend
Elder Network
Great River Homes
Meals on Wheels
Public Health Special Needs
Reads Landing Schoolhouse Museum
Semcac Senior Dining
Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center – Pediatric and Diabetes Care
Hope Coalition (Local Domestic Abuse)
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation

Help us improve our communities with your donation.
Make all checks payable to:  WKACF Local Giving Day.


Reads Landing Schoolhouse Museum

Wabasha County Historical Society

Visit the oldest surviving brick schoolhouse in Minnesota!

The Mission of Wabasha County Historical Society at Reads Landing School Museum is to collect, protect, preserve and interpret materials relating to the natural and cultural history of Wabasha County and its people.

Wabasha County Historical Society is honored to be included again this year in Local Giving Day.  Last year, WCHS was able to purchase a water heater for the museum.  It is the first time hot water was available in the 1870 building.  The winter has been a challenge with an outdated heating system, requiring extensive repairs.  It will have to be replaced.  This year’s donations will be applied to matching funds for a Heating/Air Conditioning Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Fund.

97537 206th Avenue Reads Landing, MN 55968 www.wabashacountyhistory.org


Spotlight on the DAC

Wabasha County DAC (Developmental Achievement Center) has been a mainstay in the community since 1970 and has played a key role in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.  We believe in individual programming based on the strengths and interests of each person.  We strive to provide training, assistance and supervision needed for people who are mentally and physically challenged to reach and maintain their highest possible level of skills, productivity, independence and inclusion into their community.  Program choices include Habilitation, Work and School to Work Transition services.  With the severity of Legislative funding cuts in place we struggle with day to day operations and rely on donations to obtain things needed to run our program.  Donations will go toward replacing old equipment.  A large commercial refrigerator is our number one need.



Spotlight for :


The packing for the weekend program sends home nutritious easy to prepare food for the weekend from school with eligible kids.  By sending this supplemental food home over the weekend, it has been shown to make a difference in kids' attention spans and readiness to learn on Monday morning.  Currently 65 kids are taking food home in backpacks discreetly placed in their lockers at Wabasha-Kellogg public school and River Valley Academy in Kellogg on Friday.  They return the empty backpacks to the school office the next week and receive another backpack with more food every Friday.  Any students who qualify for free or reduced lunch in the Wabasha-Kellogg area are eligible to be a part of the program regardless of what school they attend.  Food is packed by community volunteers at Faith Lutheran anytime during the week and delivered to the school by a separate group of volunteers.  During the summer, volunteers will deliver food to participants' homes.  The program is housed at Faith Lutheran but is a community wide effort.  Please contact Faith Lutheran if you would like to volunteer to be a part of this important support for our children who may not have enough to eat otherwise.  


Spotlight for Elder Network

Elder Network’s mission is that individuals impacted by the limiting effects of aging have an optimal quality of life.  This can be the individual themselves who are having difficulties, or it can be their caregiver who is adjusting to their new role.  We know not all seniors have limitations or struggles, but we are here for those who are dealing with challenges.  We have been supporting seniors and their families for over 30 years.  Elder Network provides services such as Peer Support, Friendly Visiting, Companions, Caregiver Coaching, Support Groups and Education on Aging issues.  We also have trained caregiver consultants in REACH (Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health).  Often we hear, “I don’t even know where to start”.  You are not in this alone.  We are here to listen and support.  Contact Elder Network at 651-565-3237 of 507-285-5272.


Spotlight for HOPE Coalition

Is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, youth affected by abuse, and the homeless. Our mission:  Empowering Lives through Hope. We restore hope.  We help rebuild lives.  We are based in Red Wing and operate a domestic violence shelter there. In the fall of 2017, at the request of the women’s shelter in Rochester, HOPE took over management of the Wabasha County domestic violence shelter services. These services are located in the Mittel Schule Building at 611 Broadway Avenue.

Domestic violence services include those the Rochester shelter provided previously:  24-hour, toll-free crisis line; advocacy in legal proceedings, such as obtaining an Order for Protection, and support throughout criminal processes;  counseling and advising; advocacy with other service providers; homeless screenings;  and assistance with replacing legal documents, such as birth certificates, SS cards, and driver’s licenses, left behind when a client flees an abusive situation. We are committed to improving community response to victims through:  educational presentations to schools, civic organizations, and faith-based groups; training for professionals; community organizing; influencing policy; and impacting public awareness.

In 2012, HOPE was awarded the Charities Review Council’s “Meets Standard” seal.  The seal, which was renewed again in 2015 and 2018, signifies our adherence to legal and regulatory standards, donor and public expectations, and the criteria of the nonprofit sector.


Spotlight on Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Enhancing diabetes and pediatric care

Thanks to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center will be a recipient organization of Local Giving Day – May 22, 2018. This year, funds designated to Saint Elizabeth’s will support two important initiatives: DIABETES CARE and PEDIATRIC CARE.

DIABETES CARE: Saint Elizabeth’s Diabetes Self-Management Program helps patients with diabetes live better by offering education, support, and guidance that provides valuable tools and resources that enhance their quality of life. Developing a registry of patients with diabetes, will assist us in monitoring the ongoing management of their chronic disease and offer helpful guidance along the way.

PEDIATRIC CARE: With the addition of Saint Elizabeth’s Community Clinic, our providers regularly offer child and teen well-checks. These preventive care appointments include hearing and vision screenings. To enhance our care of children and teenagers, Saint Elizabeth’s will purchase updated screening equipment.

Saint Elizabeth’s is thrilled to be a participating organization in the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation LOCAL GIVING DAY. On May 22, community residents will be invited to show their support by donating to one or more of the organizations that work to make life better for all citizens. By donating to Saint Elizabeth’s, your support will help us continue our efforts to continually improve the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve. Thanks for choosing to participate in LOCAL GIVING DAY and supporting Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center and Community Clinic.


Spotlight for Semcac Senior Dining

Each weekday at 11:30 a.m., a midday meal is served in the community dining room of the Maple Grove Apartment Building located at 730 West 6th Street in Wabasha. Senior Dining is a service provided by Semcac, an agency serving 11 counties in southeastern Minnesota since 1966. Semcac’s mission is to empower and advocate for people to enhance their self-sufficiency by maximizing community resources. Senior Dining is the only service found in all 11 counties, and the Wabasha Senior Dining site is one of about 50 similar sites. 

Semcac Senior Dining plays an important role in our community because our meals:

--- Are nutritious and taste great! Monthly menus are provided to diners, and the menu is published weekly in the Wabasha Herald.

--- Are economical. The suggested donation is $4, but diners make a donation in an amount of their choice, and no one is turned away because of inability to pay. 

--- Help diners to remain independent longer in their own living spaces. Each gathering provides valuable socialization and companionship. Social and educational events are also provided periodically throughout the year.  

Semcac Senior Dining is designed for individuals over age 60, but others are welcome to join us. Wabasha's program draws diners from the apartment building where it is located, from the city of Wabasha, and from Kellogg and the surrounding area. Some diners eat daily, while other diners come on an occasional basis. Our Wabasha site currently averages about 15 diners per day, and we always welcome new people. If you or someone you know might enjoy and benefit from senior dining, be sure to check us out! 

The program is staffed by one paid site manager and multiple dedicated volunteers. If you have questions, would like to volunteer, or to sign up to eat with us, call the Senior Dining Site Manager at 507-459-5766.



To kick off the Free Pool Pass and Splash Pad Fund raiser, our local Dentists have contributed $1,500 to get it off and running.  Pictured are from left to right, Dr. Phil Perry, Dr. Isaac Perry, Dr. Scott Durand ,Chad  Springer (City Administrator), John Ochsner (Committee Chairman), Dr. Bob Mann, Dr. Tom Shoen.


The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is gearing up for their very successful Free Pool Pass Program again this year.  The program provides free pool passes to ALL area youth, as well as free bus transportation to those that need it.  Anyone who went by the pool last summer would have seen a crowded noisy pool full of our youth, having a great time.  The valuable pool programs, efficiency, cleanliness, and guidance provided by Kellie Quade and her staff will continue this year as well.

Many of you may not know how this program came to be.  This letter from John Ochsner tells the story;

My wife Mary (deceased) and I moved to Wabasha in 2000 and each summer we used our great community swimming pool.  Mary often noted that there were fewer and fewer children using the pool.  Finally, in 2015 she said “John, we have to do something about this.”  We thought about financing a few individual passes.  I ran our idea of sponsoring pool passes with Jim Concidine, who like me grew up here and, in the summer, used the beach daily to swim free.  He liked the idea and volunteered to help.  Our Park Board and City Administrator liked the idea, and this lead us to the WKACF (Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation).  With the help of Dr. Bob Mann, the Foundation incorporated the “Free Pool Pass” as one of its projects in 2015.
Ask the kids (Wabasha, Kellogg, Nelson).  The past two summers were a thumbs up, especially with the amenities added by the city.

We hope you see how valuable this program is for our youth and our communities.  To help the Foundation raise the $9,000 needed for this program to continue, please take a moment to make a tax free contribution.
You may send your contribution to WKACF, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981 or go to www.wkacf.org. and use the donation link.  If you have any questions or comments, contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.



Great River Homes

Our History

Great River Homes, Inc. is a private non-profit organization established in 1975 by a group of local citizens to develop and operate community-based residential alternatives to institutional placement for persons with disabilities in Wabasha County.

Great River Homes, Inc. established the first community-based residential alternative in Wabasha County in 1976. Great River Homes, Inc. has responded to the changing service needs of children and adults by expanding and diversifying services based upon the individual needs of people with disabilities.

Currently, Great River Homes, Inc. provides residential and in-home support services to 68 children and adults throughout Wabasha County.

Our Mission

The mission of Great River Homes, Inc. is to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Wabasha County by providing person-centered services.

Our Vision

The vision of Great River Homes, Inc. is for all people with disabilities to live, learn, work and enjoy life in the most integrated settings with full community inclusion.

Our Funding

Great River Homes, Inc. is funded by a variety of sources including Medical Assistance. Donations from area businesses, service organizations, foundations and individuals are gratefully accepted to advance our mission.


Our mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities is fulfilled through the combined efforts of employees, families, volunteers and the community. Your personal and financial support is greatly appreciated and is essential for our success.

Donations this past year paid for dental care, clothing, vacations and the 6th Annual Spring Formal for the people we support. Please consider a donation to Great River Homes, Inc. to help us provide life enriching experiences and enhance the living environments for the people who live in our eight homes.

Your gift has a tremendous impact on the lives of people receiving services.
Great River Homes, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Meals on Wheels

Three Rivers Community Action oversees a Home Delivered Meals program that offers a hot, nutritious, noon time meal to those in need Monday through Friday. This service is for persons who live within city limits, who are unable to prepare a balanced/nutritious meal on a regular basis and are homebound. A large piece of the program is providing a daily check-in for our clients to assess for well-being and safety.

---Persons 60 years of age or older can receive services for a donation or if their meal is paid for by a county program including Elderly Waiver or Alternative Care.

---Persons under 60, who are disabled or terminally ill can receive meals for the full cost of the meal.

---In home caregivers may also qualify for meals!

In 2017, our program served 37 individuals in the Wabasha area delivering around 6,000 meals. We currently serve 22 – 24 clients daily via 2 routes delivered by our valued volunteers.


Wabasha County Public Health Special Needs Fund:

Public Health has held the funds to be used for health and safety items that are not covered by another funding source.  We have helped single parents, families, and elderly adults who are low income and live in Wabasha County.   Most commonly the fund is used for diapers, groceries, clothing and gas for job interviews.    It has been used for an A/C window unit for an elderly person with emphysema, a replacement pair glasses for a child who broke them and couldn’t get them replaced on insurance, and a few onetime medication refills when Medical Assistance was not available yet. There is a $100.00 individual limit and $150.00 Family limit per year. 



Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF) is excited to announce our 2nd annual Local Giving Day, to raise funds for our Local Service Organizations.  The Foundation knows how important these organizations are, helping our friends and neighbors in their time of need.  Without your donations, these organizations would not be able to provide all the services they do for us.  Local Giving Day improves the health of our Communities and keeps them a great place to live, work and play.

The 2nd annual “Local Giving Day” will be the week of May 22nd.  You will be receiving information and a donation form in the mail that week.  Over the next few weeks the Wabasha Herold has allowed us to run spotlights on each participating organization.  These spotlights will provide information about each organization and how the money will be used.  You may also find information on our website, wkacf.org, and Facebook page.

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation knows how important it is to provide funds for our local service organizations and are honored to be able to help them out.  The Foundation hopes you agree with them and support this local fund drive.


WKACF Recognizes Legacy Club Members

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation has been successful in their quest to improve and maintain our great communities.   They have provided programs and support for numerous local organizations including: providing free pool passes to all area youth; supporting our disabled, helpless, abused, hungry and forgotten neighbors; improving our parks and playground areas; Providing replacement trees for the lost diseased trees in our communities, helping to improve our Library and maintain our hospital and the historical nature of our communities.  The Foundation has accomplished all this with your help, our friends and neighbors.  They would like to thank all of you for your support, but they would particularly like to thank their Founders Club which provided the seed money to get this organization up and running. However, today they are giving their thanks and appreciation to their Legacy Club members.  These members are making an impact with their commitment to benefit our communities through the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  They allow the Foundation to continue their work, maintaining and improving our great communities.

The members of the Legacy Club are: Dr. Scott and Emily Durand, Thomas and Cathie Stordahl, Jim and Claire Abbot, Dr Bob and Linda Mann, Russ Meyer (California Overland), Wabasha Sand and Gravel, Curt Duelman, Rotary Club of Wabasha, Riverboat Lanes, William and Gloria Hager and Preston Cook.  If you see these people on the street or do business with them, please take the time to thank them for their commitment to benefit our communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Legacy Club Member, you can go to the website wkacf.org or contact Bob at 651-564-1133.




WKACF Supporter,

During this time of Thanksgiving, as the president of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF), I would like to thank the people of the Wabasha Kellogg Area.  Our Communities have been very generous and supportive.  This has allowed, in our young existence, for us to support and provide assistance to numerous projects and organizations.  These include the Backpack program, Community Tree Garden, our Local Library, Free Pool Passes for all area youth, the Splash Pad, Ski Team, Kellogg Lions Club, Elder Network, Great River Homes, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Kellogg Park Department, Wabasha Chamber of Commerce, National Eagle Center, Public Health, Reads Landing Museum, Senior Dining, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse, and Youth Mentorship.

Without your help, the aid and assistance to these important community organizations would not have taken place.  I would like to thank you for your previous and future support of our efforts to keep our communities great.  If you would like to support our mission or get to know more about our organization, go to our website, wkacf.org, our Facebook page or if you would like, you can send a check to WKACF, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha, MN  55981 or call 651-564-1133.


Bob Mann, 
President – Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation





Kristi Kropp receives checks for Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels from Dr. Bob Mann, President of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, at their Ice Cream Social

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation recently held an Ice cream social to thank the local communities for their support.  They also handed out $22,000 worth of checks raised from their Local Giving Day fund raiser to 14 Local Service Organizations.  They served free ice cream, cookies and refreshments.  This was also their kickoff for their Fundraiser for their Endowment Fund, which is the money used annually to support whatever our local communities may need.  They did announce matching funds for every first-time donor to the endowment fund, up to $100.  This means that if you have not donated to the WKACF endowment fund before, your donation will be doubled.  So now is the time to donate to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation.

If you have any questions go to the website at WKACF.org or on their Facebook page, or call 651-564-1133.



Without a will, the government will make the decisions and can take a good share of your assets after you are gone.

The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation will be sponsoring a class, given by local Attorney, Mark Jarstad.  Learn about the importance of having a Will and Estate Plan and the pressures it will take off your family members.

Date:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (Registration Deadline: October 6, 2017)
Time:  7:00 pm

Location:   W-K High School Room #102 (across from performing arts center)
Cost:  $5.00

Register by contacting Wabasha-Kellogg Community Education at 651-565-3559, Ext. 258.


Thanks to all of you who have donated to the Local Giving Day.  The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation was able to raise $22,000 for our Local Service Organizations.  Many of these service groups would not be able to help our friends and neighbors without this additional revenue.  Totals to date for Local Giving Day are;

Backpack for the Weekend        $1097.00
Wabasha County Elder Network $1032.00
Great River Homes $1047.00
Meals on Wheels $1991.00
National Eagle Center $547.00
Public Health Special Needs $1563.00
Reads Landing School Museum $822.00
SEMCAC Senior Dining $756.00
St. Elizabeth Medical Center $3206.00
Wabasha County Substance Abuse Program $1000.00
Wabasha County Women’s Shelter $2374.00
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation $3555.00
Wabasha Public Library, Children’s Edition $1943.00
Wabasha County Youth Mentorship Program $1048.00

All of these organizations would like to thank you for your generosity.  If any of you did not get a chance to donate and would like to, call 651-564-1133 or go online to our website wkacf.org  or e-mail at info@wkacf.org to get a donation form.


Letter To The Editor

I am writing to inform the public that applications for the board position for the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation board position is open until August 1st.  Unfortunately, in the previous articles it inaccurately gave the date of July 1st.  If you are interested on serving on a board that serves many interests and members of our communities and is building the foundation for the future of our communities, you may pick up an application by requesting one through our Facebook page, website (wkacf.org), email (info@wkacf.org) or by calling 651-564-1133.  If you have the time and like serving people and have a keen interest in improving and preserving our communities, pick up an application.

Bob Mann
President Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation


WKACF taking Applications for a board position

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is seeking applications for a position on their Advisory Board. The Board’s responsibilities include building relationships with donors and their philanthropic wishes and coordinating that with local projects and Service Organizations requesting assistance.  Applicants should be dedicated and willing to work towards a better community.  Applications will be received until July 1, 2017.  To receive an application or for more information contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.


To The Editor,

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank all of you who supported our successful Local Giving Day to raise money for many of our Local Service Organizations.

If you have not had a chance to contribute, donations are still being accepted. Use the form that you received in your mail or you can contribute online at WKACF.org/local. If you would like another form, they can be picked up at Wabasha Dentistry at 115 E. Main Street or by calling 651-564-1133.

Final numbers are not in yet, but our local service organizations use your contributions to help our friends and neighbors. They are very grateful for your generosity and say Thank You to those who have contributed and to please consider a donation, for those that have not taken the opportunity to do so.

Sincerely, Bob Mann
President, Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation

Note From Gloria

Wabasha – Kellogg Area Community Foundation

The Wabasha – Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF), a community foundation that builds and maintains an endowment, the earnings of which are used for philanthropic purposes with in the surrounding communities. At a time when the responsibility for solving local problems and enhancing the quality of life for local citizens is clearly shifting back to the local community, community foundation’s are in the right place at the right time.

My husband and I annually donate to the WKACF to build better communities for our local families, schools, and local business within our area. Supporting youth is one of the foundation’s top priorities and is also one of my favorite funds to support, these including the Pool Pass Program and supporting our Wabasha Public Library.
Thanks’ to the foundation and it’s donors for all you do.

G. J.


Tree Garden

Left to right: Scott Lien, Russel Meyer, Kenny Pavelka, Dan Schmidt, Brandon Huth, Seth Tentis, Angela, Bill Davidson, Rick Vaplon, Bob Mann


Photo of some of the leaders of the Service Organizations that are participating in the Local Giving Day. Top row from left to right, Amy Glomsk i- Wabasha Public Library, Mike Weinandt – Great River Homes,  Greg Glomski – Mentorship program, Pastor Dave Knox – Back Pack Program,  Sara Carrels -  Domestic Abuse,  Front row,  Carrol Scott – WKAC Foundation,  Margaret Peterson – Reads Museum, Marie Perry – National Eagle Center.

Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation recently discovered the Combined Drive will no longer exist.   WKACF knows the importance of raising funds for our local service organizations and have put together a replacement program.  This program is titled “Local Giving Day” which is officially on May 24th, 2017.  However, donations will be accepted at any time.  Won’t you please help us support the following service organizations.  You can contribute several different ways.  It can be done online at wkacf.org or on our Facebook page.  You should soon receive a mailing, with the information and donation form, which can be dropped off at community drop off boxes or mail it to:  WKACF Local Giving Day, Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981.  Please take a moment to support the foundation in helping these service organizations and our community.

Backpack for the Weekend
Elder Network
Great River Homes
Meals on Wheels
National Eagle Center
Public Health Special Needs
Reads Landing School Museum (Wabasha County Historical Society)
Semcac Senior Dining
Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center – Community Health Improvement
Wabasha County Substance Abuse Court
Wabasha County Women's Shelter (Domestic Abuse)
Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation
Wabasha Public Library, Children's Library Expansion Project
Youth Mentorship

Help us improve our communities with your donation.

Make all checks payable to: WKACF Local Giving Day.


$4000 donation Pool Pass and Spash Pad

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, with a matching grant from Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund, donated $4,000 to the Wabasha Free Pool Pass Program and Splash Pad fund raiser.  Pictured above, receiving the check, are the people that ensure that the pool is ready for our youth.  From left to right, Public Works Director Tony Johnson,  his right-hand man, Dylan Hartert.  Pool manager and administrator, Kellie Quade and WKAC foundation president, Bob Mann.  If you would like to support these programs, send your check to WKACF, P.O. Box 268 Wabasha, MN 55981 or go online to wkacf.org and hit the donate button..



The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF) awards Minnesota Green Corp and the cities of Wabasha and Kellogg, $500 towards the construction of a gravel bed tree garden.  This will allow the cities to plant bare root stock trees to develop a more stable, fibrous root system.  These trees would be planted in our communities to replace the numerous large Ash Trees.  Emerald Ash Borer has been found in our area and these ash trees will be removed over the next year or two.  This program is to help replace the Ash Trees with several different varieties.  Trees create a richer environment by providing health, as well as, aesthetic benefits.  It will also save the community expenses on trees, reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce the amount of water entering the storm water system.  This program needs more funds and volunteers.  If you have any interest in helping, please call Angela LaCroix at 651-565-4673 ext. 111.



The Wabasha Public Library Board has approved a 11,000+ square foot addition to the children’s portion of the library.  The children’s program at the library has been dramatically successful and many times is overflowing.  This expansion will also provide more space for storage and small group meetings.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF), through their parent company, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, is proud to announce a $10,000 grant for this children’s library expansion project.  The WKACF is your local foundation, organized to raise money through individual and group donations for the benefit of our local communities, now and into the future.   If you would like to know more about the WKACF, you may go online to www.wkacf.org or call Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.

The Library is more than half way to their fundraising goal.  If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile project, you may go online to www.wkacf.org and use the donation link button and include a note that your contribution is for the Children’s Library Expansion.  Or, you may send a check to Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981 with a note on the memo line that it is for the Library.  Either way, your tax-free donation will be helping children of our communities, now, and for generations to come.




WKACF is celebrating their community support and accomplishments in their first two years of existence.   In that time, nearly a $100,000 has flowed through the organization enhancing our communities.  They are also building a community savings account (Their Endowment Fund) for the future needs of the Wabasha Kellogg Area.  They have helped numerous local programs:  Packing for the Weekend, Youth Ski Team, Combined Drive, Chamber of Commerce and City Collaborations, Free Pool Pass Program, Area Park Enhancements, cooperation with other local organizations, and the County Historical Society.  They have also worked with area professionals to ensure all donations, whether immediate, or through a personal will, estate plan or trust, will receive the most advantageous tax benefits. WKACF also held a well-attended public forum through Community Education on wills and estate planning.

The Foundation is very thankful for all their public support and looks forward to continued growth and expansion of the benefits they can provide to the communities.   However, they need your help. Their annual fundraiser is going on now and all donations made in 2016, to the Endowment Fund, will have a 25% match added to them. 

Donations can be made through their website  www.wkacf.org or may be mailed to:

Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation
P.O. Box 260
Wabasha, MN 55981

If you would like their new brochure and newsletter, contact the address above or go to the website and request one. 



Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation recently sponsored a Wills and Estate Planning meeting, through W-K Community Ed. Program. There was a big turnout. Attorney Mark Jarstad explained wills, estates, probate, power of attorney, health care initiatives and numerous other topics concerning why it is important to have a will. We received so much positive feedback from the meeting, that we put a videotape of this presentation on our website for all to view: www.wkacf.org. If you would like a free Planning Guide on Wills and Estates or the other brochures we distributed at the meeting, you may request them through the website (www.wkacf.org) or write to WKACF at Box 268, Wabasha, MN, 55981.

Watch the Will, Estate, and Trust Video


The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation recently installed 3 new Board members.  Dr. Danielle Ott, M.J. Bussian and Russ Meyer join present board members Carol Scott, Rick Vaplon, David Ochsner, Bill Davidson, William Hager and Bob Mann.  This group has been working diligently raising money, planning future events and sponsoring programs, including the Free Pool Passes for all area youth; working with the local youth Ski Team, assisting in the Combined Drive which provides funds for numerous local organizations.  WKACF has also worked with the Packing for the Weekend program, Kellogg downtown park restoration and the Wabasha County Historical Society.  The Foundation would like to thank all of their contributors who have made this possible.


Estate Planning Class


Watch for this truck and
sign in all of our local parades




For all $300 donations to the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, their parent company, Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund, will match that donation, dollar for dollar to make that $300 donation worth $600.  If more than $300 is contributed, they will increase your donation by an extra 25% after the initial $300.  So now is the time to make your donation.  This is a very limited time offer.  Donations can be mailed to WKACF, P.O. Box 268, Wabasha, MN, 55981.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation you can call 651-564-1133 or you can check out their website at www.wkacf.org.

To the Editor,

I am sure you have noted the excitement and fun happenings at our local swimming pool this summer.   The enhanced equipment, free youth pool passes and free transportation have been a rousing success.  The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation would like to thank all of their contributors who have made this possible. Thank you for supporting your community.

WKACF President,
Bob Mann   

WKACF Kellogg Park Project 2016


I was blessed to be included in the recent community park project in Kellogg. To watch the community pull together, with numerous volunteers and city workers, to attack a mulch and water problem in their park was special. It makes you realize how fortunate we are to live in small towns in Midwest, America. This project took a lot of planning, large equipment and organization to make it all happen in only two long days. This was done with financing by local city officials, and labor of their citizens, who have pride in their wonderful community, large park and great playground. This project included laying pipe and drainage tile, digging out all the mulch and bad soil and replacing it. Plenty of water was provided for all of the workers in the 90 degree-plus heat and meals for the short breaks. Everything went just as planned.

You may be wondering why I was included? The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation had talked to the Kellogg City Council about helping out whenever the Kellogg City Park needed extra maintenance or equipment. I was proud to Represent WKACF in working with the City of Kellogg and their numerous volunteers who are passionate about their park and their city.

Bob Mann


SMIF Matches WKACF Donation to the Pool Pass Fund (March 2016)


Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation has matched Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation’s $500 contribution to the Pool Pass Fund for a total of $1,000.  This money will be used to allow all Wabasha-Kellogg area youth to enjoy a free pool pass to the Wabasha Swimming Pool for the summer of 2016.  The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation is an organization established to channel funds from giving individuals and businesses to provide for needs in our communities.

If you would like to donate to the WKACF, or specifically, to the pool pass fund, please send your donation to:   Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation,   P.O. Box 268,   Wabasha,   MN,   55981.    If you have any questions contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.





Wabash-Kellogg Area Community Foundation Board members, Rick Vaplan, Al Koenig, Bill Davidson, and Carol Scott  around the Founder’s Club plaque displayed at the First State Bank Of Wabasha.

imageThe Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation is proud to display a plaque, honoring Founder’s Club Members of the organization, at the First State Bank of Wabasha.  These Founder’s club members built the foundation of this organization by contributing $1,000 or more during their first year in existence.  These contributions are investments in our communities and will help provide funding for the needs now and well into the future.

A recent Board meeting of the WKACF set the goals for 2016.    One of the main goals was to increase our endowment fund to $100,000.  We are 2/3 of the way there.  This money is invested and a percentage of these funds will be used annually to provide for needs or improvements of our communities.  The larger the endowment fund grows, the more money is available for the Wabasha-Kellogg area.

Now is a good time to donate and invest in our communities, because we have matching funds made available to us by our parent company, The Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.  These funds are limited and on a first come, first serve, basis.  So, invest in your communities now and increase your donation, by sending it to Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation at P.O. Box 258, Wabasha, MN, 55981.  You may contact Bob Mann with any questions at 651-564-1133.



VFW Donates to Pool Pass Fund (JANUARY 20, 2016)


Bruce Wild representing the VFW Presents a check to John Ochsner for $500 for the pool pass fund which is a sub fund of the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation.  Dr. Bob Mann, seen in the above photo, is President of the WKACF.  The Pool Pass Fund will allow all Wabasha Kellogg Area youth to attend the Swimming pool in Wabasha, free of charge for the summer of 2016




What is the WKACF? (DECEMBER 24, 2015)

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation, established in 2014, is a non-profit fund that serves the communities of Wabasha, Kellogg, Reads Landing and surrounding areas by supporting programs and projects that improve the quality of life and develops stronger communities.

The Foundation offers an opportunity to strengthen the present, honor our history and make our future more successful through grant making that builds on community assets and addresses local needs. WKACF collaborates with local and national organizations to benefit our communities.


Officers elected for the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (November 2015)


From left to right, Bill Davidson, Carol Scott, Dave Ochsner, Bill Hager, Dr. Bob Mann, Rick Vaplon Not present, Al Koenig

Officers for 2015-16were recently elected from the board of directors for WKACF. Elected president is Dr. Bob Mann, vice president—Bill Davidson, Secretary—Carol Scott, Treasurer—Rick Vaplon. The rest of the board consists of Bill Hager, Al Koenig and David Ochsner. They have been busy during their first few years of operation, in raising funds and collaborating with several different local groups to improve our communities. They take pride in the fact that they are the one foundation that can contribute to all needs in our communities. So as you think about your end of the year charitable contributions, please remember the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation. If you would like to discuss this or have any questions about the foundation, you can call Bob Mann at 651-564-1133.


WKACF Collaborates with Coffee Mill Ski Team (November 2015)


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation has developed a relationship with the Coffee Mill Ski Race Team. This will allow the team to receive donations, as well as equipment and supplies, as a tax deductible gift for the donor.

The Coffee Mill Ski Race Team is a member of the Midwest Snow Sports Develop-ment League, made up of numerous Ski hills in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Develop-ment team coaches are Craig Van Oort, Dave McLeod, and Gene Schlosser. Their mission is to take skiers from their current level and develop them, within their ability, to be better skiers.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation continues to be an asset to the community in providing funds for the needs in the area as well as assisting other commu-nity groups to be able to accomplish their goals. If you would like to know more about WKACF or contribute, please call Bob Mann, 651-564-1133 or you can email us at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com.


WKACF donates to the Wabasha Pool Pass Project (November 2015)


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation Board members shown donating a $500 check to the Wabasha Pool Pass Representa-tive John Ochsner. From left to right, Rick Vaplon, Carol Scott, Bill Hager, Bob Mann, John Ochsner, Bill Davidson and Dave Ochsner.

Over the last few years, participation at the Wabasha City swimming pool has been declining. The pool itself has been well maintained, and the support staff (life guards) remain friendly and efficient. A few concerned citizens, including Jim Concidine, Kathryn McMahon and John Ochsner, have looked into the situ-ation and did research as to why. Questions were asked of local youth and a field trip was made to Plainview. which has an up-to-date and popular swimming pool.

Conclusions were not necessarily concrete, but some observations were obvious. First on the list was our lack of up-to-date amenities, such as slides, basketball hoops, and a climbing board. A more difficult question relates to the cost of a seasonal pool passes. Currently a family pass is $100, and a individual pass is $50. This cost to a family may be a problem.

Meetings were held with City Officials with numerous questions put forward. The exciting news is that the City is moving ahead to purchase upgrade amenities for the next season. The City also agreed to allow free passes for all W-K area children thru 8th grade for 2016. This is on condition that we raise $7000 thru donations for this purpose.

Therefore, we are soliciting donations (tax deductible) to the Wabasha - Kellogg Area Community Foundation, earmarked “pool passes”. We think that the combination of pool upgrades and free swimming passes will rekindle enthusiasm for the pool. This might stimulate more adult participation.

It is hoped that this project along with the WACRC (Common Closet) program will be a success, and continue to support youth swimming beyond 2016. It is anticipated that next summer should be exciting and healthy for W-K youth.

Send checks to Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation Post Office Box 268 Wabasha, MN. 55981 (earmark “pool passes”). If you have any questions you may call Bob Mann at 651-564-1133 or
e-mail at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com.


WKACF President attends MN Council of Foundations Meeting (October2015)

Dr. Bob Mann, President of the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation board recently attended a 2 day training session sponsored by the MN Council of Foundations. These meetings, held in St. Paul, were open to all MN Foundations, big and small, for training and networking opportunities.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation Is just over a year old. The foundation was formed to provide assets for community needs and create investment opportunities for the future needs of our area as well. If you would like to invest in the future of the Wabasha and Kellogg areas, either through donations, wills, estate planning, legacy gifts or land donations, or would just like more information, you can contact Bob Mann at 651-564-1133 or email the foundation at wkcommunityfoundation@gmail.com



The Foundation Board is actively raising funds to build our endowment large enough to annually contribute to the future needs of our communities and still have funds left that will continue to grow indefinitely. We want to thank all of you who have contributed to our successful start, especially our Founders Club Members.

WKACF has already started serving our communities in several areas. We have contributed and received matching funds, working with the United Way, and WK Schools for the successful “Packing For The Weekend” food program. We partnered with Combined Drive to further their success. Recently, we’ve joined efforts with the Local Youth Ski Club to help them become better equipped and grow their program. We are in the process of collaborating with Wabasha Industries in their physician recruitment effort. The board has also worked with the Community Event Center Board as they needed our assistance.

The board would like to answer a couple of questions we have received recently

#1. No money that is, or was, contributed to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation (WKACF) has gone to the Community Event Center unless it was specifically designated for that cause.

#2. All money contributed to the WKACF will be used for the benefit of our communities and not for fundraising or administrative costs. Several sponsors have been generous enough to allow us to accomplish this.

We have had a good start and want you to feel confident and excited about contributing to a foundation for the benefit of our communities. So keep us in mind when you make plans for your charitable giving, including estate, wills, and end of the year tax planning. If you would like to contribute to Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation or have any questions, call Dr. Bob Mann (651-564-1133) or send them to WKACF, PO Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981.


Letter to the editor (Febuary 2015)

As president of the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, I would like to thank the group that worked so hard and donates so much of their time to put together the Combined Drive. They were able to raise over $15,000 to benefit many organizations in our community. I am very proud to have them as one of the sub funds to the WKACF. Hats off to the combined drive organization.

Dr. Bob Mann President WKACF



 Paul Busch
Auto Jewson Realty
Super Value
American Inn
1st State Bank
Bill & Gloria
Hager Al & Anne Koenig
Dr. Bob & Linda Mann
Davidson & Associates
Bank of Alma (Wabasha County Branch)
Twains Wheelhouse




Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation is Progressing (SEPTEMBER 8, 2014)

The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation Board is happy to announce that they are rapidly progressing toward their first-year bench marks. They have been busy collecting donations for current and future community needs.

At the successful kickoff event held at Slippery’s, attendees heard Tim Penny, President of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund, and others explain what a strong community foundation can accomplish and what our local foundation can do.

WKACF is excited to already have 10 members inducted into the Founder’s Club and to have raised over $25,000. As they continue their fund drive, their goal is to create a perpetual lasting fund that will meet community needs and benefit our community now and for future generations.  We all enjoy the benefits of living in this great area and would like to ensure future generations do so as well.

Please consider helping the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation in accomplishing their goals by contributing. If you have any questions you may visit our website at www.wkfoundaiton.org . If you would like to speak to someone, feel free to contact any of our board members for more information.



At the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation, we believe that Wabasha, Kellogg and the surrounding areas, is a great place to live that gets better all the time.

Part of what makes Wabasha-Kellogg great is our commitment to each other. This is a place where people care. Where people want every neighborhood to prosper, every school to thrive, every child to flourish . . .

Not just their own.

The Foundation was founded by Wabasha-Kellogg residents who believed in the future of our community — and we continue to serve that future.

We want to make it easier for the people of Wabasha-Kellogg to help each other.

We’re working to determine our community’s greatest needs; to build up its nonprofits; and to find new ways for people to come together to give.

 We truly understand local nonprofits and what they’re trying to accomplish in the community. And we also pay close attention to the larger philanthropic world – to trends, research and new ideas.  We spend time one-on-one with nonprofit leaders, visiting their sites, observing programs in action, and learning about the work they do.

 This knowledge and perspective helps the Foundation focus on the community’s greatest needs. And it helps us bring people – donors, charities, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions – together toward meeting those needs.

When we connect people who want to do good and who can help each other do more, we make our community better.


 Donor Advised Funds (MAY 21, 2014)

A Donor-Advised Fund is a convenient alternative to a private foundation that allows individuals and families to take an active role in grantmaking. Every donor-advised fund is named by its contributors, often to recognize family members or to honor family philanthropy.

How it works

You make a gift of cash or other assets to establish your fund with Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation.
You receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution.
Your fund can be invested to protect principal, generate current income, and provide capital growth.

You recommend grants from your donor advised fund to support charitable organizations. After our due diligence, we make the grants in your fund’s name.

How you benefit

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) is the fiscal host for the Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation.

SMIF manages all the paperwork.
You centralize your charitable giving, without the costs and administrative burden of a private foundation.

You enjoy the highest level of charitable tax benefits.

You pay no startup costs.

For tax purposes, you receive written acknowledgement of contributions made, as well as regular summaries of the grants made through your fund.

Ongoing fee varies with type of fund.

Endowment or Program Funds… What’s the Difference?? (MAY 21, 2014)

Charitable gifts are one of the most important and fulfilling ways you can help shape the world around you. Within the WKACF, charitable gifts go to one of two main funds, the Program Fund or the Endowment Fund.

The Program Fund allows the Foundation to support a predictable level of recurring programming from year to year. This fund is used to underwrite the Programs of Service of the WKACF.

 The Endowment Fund helps ensure the future of the Foundation and secures its ability to support the WKACF programs/projects into the future. This fund’s principal is permanently invested and only interest and dividend earnings from the fund are used to support the programs/projects.

 The Program Fund and the Endowment Fund are equally deserving of support; indeed, they complement one another. The Program Fund supports the Foundation’s programs today and the Endowment Fund is used to secure those programs for tomorrow.


 Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation Launch Party (APRIL 21, 2014)

The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation is thrilled to announce its official  kickoff on Friday, April 25th at Slipperys in Wabasha from 6pm-8pm. The Foundation “seeks to be a catalyst in stimulation projects that improve the well-being of our people and the economic climate of our region.”

The kickoff will concentrate on the Foundation’s goals for our neighboring communities which include Wabasha, Kellogg, and Reads Landing. We have Joanne Stormer, President of the Rochester Area Foundation, and Tim Penny, President and CEO of the Southern Minnesota Initiative, speaking about the effectiveness of foundations in communities both big and small. There will also be appetizers provided by Slippery’s and a cash bar.

Wabasha- Kellogg Area Community Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, and serves the greater Wabasha-Kellogg Area by connecting people with charitable intent for the good of our ever changing communities. Their mission is to preserve and steward resources for current and future growth of our communities and their partnering programs. One hundred percent of all donations go directly to the Foundation for

granting purposes.

Founders Club (APRIL 17, 2014)

WKACF is now establishing a Founders Club. This is one of the first steps in creating awareness and raising funds for the Foundation’s endowment fund, as well as provides grant monies to be used towards approved focus area projects. Becoming a member of the Founders Club requires a minimum investment of $1,000.

The Founders Club Members will be eligible for special events and will be recognized at all meetings and gatherings. Please consider ways you may be able to become a part of the Founders Club: individually or as part of an organization.


Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation  (2014)

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation is progressing toward their goals of collecting donations for the needs and benefits of our communi­ties now and in the future.  Our kickoff event at Slipperies was a success.  Those that attended heard Tim Penny and others explain what our foundation can do and what other area foundations have accomplished.  We are excited to already have 10 Founders Club members and have raised over $25,000.  Our fund drive is continuing  to create a perpetual lasting fund, to meet the needs and benefits of our communities now and for future generations.  We have en­joyed the benefits of  living in this great area and would like that to continue.

  Please consider helping to accomplish these goals by contributing to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation. If you have any questions you may contact our website at wkfoundation.org or calling Bob Mann 651-565- 1133  


What is The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation? (2014)

WKACF is an organization, established to provide a perpetual supply of funds, to be available to the Wabasha Kellogg Area Communities for future needs or improvements as the residents dictate. The Foundation creates a place for people, organizations or businesses to donate, tax free, towards the benefit of future generations. We also are committed to working with other local organizations to enhance their projects to improve our communities.

The larger our foundation grows, the more funds that annually become available for use. Our intent is to grow through contributions, while the earned interest and profits would be available annually for our community’s benefit. The rest of the funds would continue to grow, creating an everlasting Fund.

Even though we have only been in existence less than one year, we have raised over almost $60,000. The foundation has contributed to the Back Pack for Kids in Need program at the school. We also worked with the Combined Drive to allow their contributors to be able to donate tax free. We hope this is the very beginning of a beneficial relationship between the Wabasha-Kellogg area communities and your Foundation.

We do need to grow our Funds and are asking for all sizes of donations. Please consider our organization when you have money available which you would like to contribute for the benefit of our children’s future. When you write your will, estate plan, or a donation in memory of a loved one, please consider investing in the future generations of our communities that will have an everlasting affect.

The Foundation was created to be “Your Foundation” for the continued benefit and improvement of our communities for many generations to come.

For Information or to make a donation, contact one of the above board members.



As you are probably aware, a new organization has formed to benefit the Wabasha-Kellogg area communities. This organization has been established to connect people and businesses, with charitable intent, to future and ongoing projects for the betterment of our communities.

Many of us have been able to enjoy the many assets, security, beauty, and pleasantness of our small towns and this area. We would like to preserve, and improve on, these benefits for our children and future generations.

The Wabasha-Kellogg Area Community Foundation is focused on building an endowment fund, which will be invested by our parent organization; Southern Minnesota Initiative Founda-tion. These funds will grow with their foundation moneys at a return that would be tough for individuals to match. We then annually can use these profits for projects or benefits that will maintain and improve our communities, so future generations may enjoy the benefits that we have had.

We are requesting donations. Whether you would like to make a onetime donation, or annual contributions, or one could set up their own personal fund in which you, your children, and fu-ture generations would be able to make decisions on projects or charities of interest to your family. This is the method that we are most excited about. You can make a tax free donation, (creating your own fund) add to it whenever you want and control which projects or charities you would like this money to be contributed to. This type of fund would usually be cost prohib-itive because of the investment fees, legal mandates and accountant’s coordination that it takes to administer one of these funds. But, our parent organization SMIF takes care of the costs of these items for us.

This is an opportunity to give back to the communities we live in. Please consider the best way you can help. Any of our board members are willing to sit down with you and explain the op-portunities and answer any of your questions. Give us a call now to set something up. If you prefer, you may send a check, or go to our website; wkfoundation.org, and make a contribu-tion. If we do not hear from you, one of our board members may be contacting you to answer any of your questions. Your support and legacy will be greatly appreciated for years to come!

Thank you for your consideration